Atomic Layer Depostion (ALD) System

Atomic Layer Depostion (ALD) System (中文) ALD-01

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※ Device appearance may change with the lot.

 Wide range of vacuum degree: 1×10 +5 Pa to 9×10 -5 Pa

 Big substrate size: Max φ100mm(4inch)

1.规格参数 Specifications
基底尺寸 Substrate size
φ100mm(4 inch) max (或 φ20mm x 4)
基底加热温度 Substrate heating temp
Up to 400 ℃ (PID控制)
腔体材质 Chamber materials
・真空腔 Vacuum chamber
不锈钢 Stainless steel SUS304
・反应腔 Reaction chamber
不锈钢 Stainless steel SUS316L
极限真空度 Ultimate vacuum
9×10 -5 Pa
抽运能力 Pumping
・涡轮高真空泵 Turbo molecular pump
200 L/sec
・干燥泵 Dry pump
500 L/min
前驱体 Precursor
・系统数 Number of Systems
3系统 (标准型号,可另外增加1系统)
・能力 Capacity
50cc (标准型号)
・加热温度 Heating temp
Up to 150 ℃ (PID控制)
ALD阀 ALD valve
隔膜阀 Diaphram valve by Swagelok
运载气体 Carrier gas
N 2 (可通过流量控制器控制)
控制系统 Control system
・触控显示 Touch-panel display
・紧急停止 Emergency stop switch
尾气净化处理性能 Elimination
Reaction products in exhaust gas is eliminated.
 2.设备参数 Utiltiy
电源 Electric power requirements
1 system 3φ AC200V 30A 电缆长度 Cable length 10m
工作气体 Gasses
1 system N 2 (for carrier and purge)压力 Pressure 0.05MPa
气压 Pneummatic pressure
1 system for operating valve 压力 Pressure 0.8MPa
外形尺寸 Dimensions
1200mm(W) x 800mm(D) x 1400mm(H)
重量 Weight
280kg (292kg/m 2 )
3.偏差值 Acceptance
条件:φ100mm (4 inch) / Si晶元 / 沉积30nm薄膜
(1)薄膜厚度分布 Film thickness distribution
Within ±2%
(2)反射率 Refraction index
Within ±2%